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The young professional: advanced skin care

26-year-old Stephanie Cubeddu-Burns offers a more medicated skin care treatment In her sparkling white clinic in the centre of Monaco, 26-year-old Stephanie Cubeddu-Burns is a long way from her native North Yorkshire, but she fits in seamlessly. Her fresh and bright skin is the ideal advertisement for her company, The Advanced Skin Clinic, which she launched two years ago.

“I share the office in Monaco with a dentist and a plastic surgeon,” Stephanie explains. “It’s a perfect atmosphere to work in because we can share our clients and help them find the treatment they’re most comfortable with.”

Her work, first with the former high-end clinic Skin Society and later under her own brand, has earned her a niche yet loyal clientele on the French Riviera. “They’re a close-knit group,” she says, “and many of my clients come to me through recommendations from friends. It’s wonderful for me as many people can be shy about sharing the names of the people they go to for treatments.”

She describes her style as a ‘more medicated facial’ as opposed to a beauty-driven treatment: “No treatment is the same and I take time to look at and understand what the best option is for any one person. This could be a different balance of vitamins and peptides or which peel will benefit them to most.” It is a very tailored and bespoke approach.

“I help many clients who have scarring and pigmentation issues or sun damage. I was lucky enough to get a one-to-one with the founder of Environ, a South African product produced by Dr Des Fernandes who had researched skin cancer.

We are constantly losing the vitamin A in our skin through everyday factors such as pollution. The doctor was among the first to discover that those with the lower levels of vitamin A are more susceptible to skin cancers. My clients and I have seen some wonderful results using the product, which helps reintroduce vitamin A into the skin.

Other treatments I offer include intensive anti-aging and derma rolling, which can be an alternative to Botox. I do think it is very important to have a few expression lines though,” she laughs.

Stephanie is available at her clinic on Tuesdays and spends the rest of her time visiting clients at their homes, yachts or hotels from Menton to Cannes.