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Riviera Insider Magazine Oct 2020Our latest edition is now out! We end each year with our Art Special, when the theatres, operas, ballets and museums take centre stage, so to speak. It’s a great time of year when the days are cooler but still filled with our glorious sunshine. 2020 is a bit different, though, as we all know. No need to repeat the word ‘unprecedented’ which has now become cliché. Nevertheless, the coronavirus is still a daily topic and a constant disruptor to our livelihood.   



Recent Articles

  • Americans abroad: September is voter registration deadline

    Absent voter ballot via Shutterstock 1669980898 For American citizens living abroad, the deadline for registering to vote for the upcoming presidential election is coming up! We spoke with the new Consul General of Marseille about how ex-pats can register what services the US Consulate offers.  

  • New rules: Masks required in all public spaces

    Photo by   Zuzi Janek   on   ScopioAcross the world, the endless battle against COVID-19 perseveres. In France, the apprehension of new confinement measures seems to roam in the air. On 10 September, Bernard Gonzalez, the Prefect of the Alpes-Maritimes made a decree enforcing masks in all public spaces, indoors and outdoors for the majority of cities across the Côte d'Azur. These reinforced regulations to face the rise in cases is clear and an attempt to avoid, by all means, a renewal of the confinement. 

  • Couple unable to evict squatters from their home in Théoule

    Eviction by priyanka from the Noun ProjectSquatters! On 20 August, a retired couple arrived at their second home in Théoule to discover that squatters occupied the premises and even changed the locks. Since then, events have not ceased to be surprising, causing outrage over French habitation laws. Unable to evict the occupants without a civil court order and knowing that a landlord who evicts squatters risks three years of prison and a fine of 30,000 euros, the 75 years old couple had to return to Lyon. 

  • Cannes Entrepreneurship Summit 2020

    Women in Tech Sud, Cécile Dartanian (left), Sophie Benyamin (middle), and Elodie Sarfati (right)Bringing together four leading events in the Côte d'Azur startup ecosystem (BA06Get In The RingWomen in Tech, and the Cannes DDA is up). This was the wager of the first CES (Cannes Entrepreneurship Summit) organisers for this autumn under Covid-19. This gamble was taken up last Thursday and Friday with a first day at the Cannes International Campus and a second, between work and leisure, in the Saint-Marguerite Island's idyllic setting. 

  • Europe’s Heritage Days offer free entry to museums and cultural sites

    Matisse Museum c. Ville de NiceThe 37th edition of Europe’s heritage celebrations takes place in mid-September across Europe. In France, the Journées de Patrimoine fall on the 19th and 20th and the 27th in Monaco. On these days most cultural centres, including museums and heritage sites will be open to the public and free of charge. So make a list of places you've been meaning to visit!


  • Nocturne #2: Street Art exhibitions like a pub crawl in Nice

    Street artist Kenor

    Spray paint, markers, stickers… street art is becoming more and more recognised as an art. Though the tools and ideas are very similar to graffiti, street art has a different intent. It's about publicly questioning society and provoking a reaction beyond its creation's aesthetic nature. Streets and buildings, which these artists use as canvases, separate these artists from others who use more traditional methods.
    Thanks to a few contemporary galleries, this genre has a new home in the antique district of Nice. With Nocturne #2, these galleries have brought together multiple exhibitions and will host a joint vernissage on 18 Sept. It’s almost like a pub crawl – with art!
  • IKEA: inauguration of the design workshop in Nice

    Atelier de conception en centre-villeIKEA inaugurated in Nice its "Design Workshop" dedicated to the furbishment of kitchens and dressing rooms. It's a small establishment of around 300 sq. m, located in the city centre a few steps away from Nicetoile. The rest of its infrastructure, located near the Allianz Riviera stadium, is still under construction. As announced by Walter Kadnar, the Swedish company's French boss, the giant infrastructure will open in the first quarter of 2022. However, the mayor of Nice, Christian Estrosi, who was also present at the Design Workshop's inauguration, more cautiously announced its opening in the first half of 2022.

  • Fed-up neighbours: Cannes fines villa owner for continual parties

    Creative CommonsRaucous all-night parties, paid-entry to day-long ragers and blatant disregard for Covid safety measures. After terrorising the neighbourhood for the entire summer, two villas in Cannes have been formally reprimanded and fined— to the delight of neighbours and the mayor himself.