Riviera Insider May/June 2020: A letter from the editor

Riviera Insider May/June 2020The May/June issue of Riviera Insider is the biggest and most exciting edition of the year. Out of the sleepy winter lull, the Côte d'Azur kicks into high gear for the start of the season (and the economy) with the Cannes Film Festival, the Monaco Grand Prix, Amber Lounge, Top Marques, Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity and more. But the Coronavirus brought all this to a slamming halt, causing event cancellations from early February through June. 

March/April issue of Riviera Insider free of charge

Riviera Insider March.April 2020 editionWe are certainly facing an unprecedented moment in the world! To ensure that you receive the current issue of Riviera Insider during the corona crisis, we are making it available online free of charge. We want to make sure that even though you are housebound, you can still read the articles and interviews that we work so hard to bring you.




Recent Articles

  • Archiman: a Nice-based men's skincare line

    Archiman skincareCreated by two sisters from Nice, Archiman is a new, all-natural grooming and skincare line designed especially for men.  We introduce you to these dynamic and passionate sisters who are committed to providing men with high-quality, effective skincare products.

  • Countdown to de-confinement! But freedoms will be limited...

    Free Woman by Jill Wellington on PixabayFrance's promised date of freedom has been a glorious light at the end of a very long tunnel. From Monday, 11 May, there will be a relaxation of the lockdown rules in France. Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced the plan yesterday, 28 April, before the National Assembly. But he also warned that the de-confinement date was not set in stone. Here we go over the what is planned to re-open and what will still be prohibited. 

  • A chat with Anne de Courcy, author of "Chanel’s Riviera"

    "Chanel's Riviera" by Anne de Courcy. Published by Weidenfeld and Nicholson, 2019Riviera Insider's art writer, Sarah Hyde, met with author Anne de Courcy to discuss her latest book, “Chanel’s Riviera,”  one of the latest historical accounts of high society in the French Riviera. Although bittersweet, this vibrant book allows a curious reader to peer through various keyholes of the pre-war decadence of the upper classes and the ravages of the war.

  • Grasse perfumeries switch to making hand gel for hospitals

    hand-disinfection gel-Photo Klaus Hausmann on Pixabay

    In the face of catastrophe, the brightest light is the solidarity that immerges to help our workers, our neighbours and those who put themselves at risk. Over and above the appreciation we all show from our balconies and windows each evening at 8 pm, there are many local perfume and cosmetic companies that immediately mobilised to make hand sanitising gel to support local hospitals and pharmacies.

  • Florists reopen for Lily of the Valley to save May 1st

    Despite the corona crisis, lilies of the valley will be available for sale in France on May 1st - a tradition that is reluctant to go without. Photo: Bolanu Teslaru Andrei, PixabayIn France, the 1st of May is not complete without the traditional good luck charm of fresh Lily of the Valley (Muguet in French)Preparation for the sale of these precious white flowers starts three years in advance and if the flowers don’t get sold, they wind up in the bin! Roadside sales have been prohibited for the upcoming holiday, so how can you get these little white fleurs for May 1st? We’ve gathered a list of several florists in the Côte d’Azur who are offering delivery or pick-up. 

  • Coronavirus antibody tests now available in Antibes and Cannes

    Based on blood tests, patients in Cannes and Antibes know whether they have been in contact with the coronavirus. Photo: Shutterstock 1624576327Do you think you may have had the virus? Two Maisons Médicales, in Antibes-Juan-les-Pins and Cannes-La Bocca, are now offering Covid-19 antibody tests to the public without an appointment. Anyone can come by and have their blood drawn and within 48 hours, the test will determine whether the person has been infected with the coronavirus or not.

  • Masks distributed as we head to de-confinement

    Making masks in Cannes c. Ville de CannesAcross the Côte d’Azur and Monaco, masks are being handed out, delivered and distributed in the lead-up to the 11 May de-confinement. Long on the endangered list, France has been busy going into full production of the fabric protection, from industrial level manufacture of appropriate fabric to community-organised sewing groups to get people much needed peace of mind.

  • David Lisnard calls for a Marshall Plan for tourism industry

    Photo by Skitterphoto from PexelsAll industries have been heavily affected by the Coronavirus and resulting confinement, but none as much as the tourism industry (including restaurants, events, hotels, travel, and entertainment sectors). As the mayor of one of the top destinations in France, David Lisnard is seeing first-hand the devastating impact on his own city and has demanded a concerted response to the impending economic disaster in tourism.